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Welcome to United Boxing Academy. We specialize in boxing instruction for men, women, and kids ages 4 and up. We cater to all skill and fitness levels. Whether your goal is to compete at the highest level or just get into excellent shape, we will get you there. Our unique training program has been developed to allow each person to train and excel at his or her own pace. United Boxing Academy is a registered club with USA Boxing and classes are supervised and instructed by a USA Boxing Certified Coach. When our students are ready to take it to the next level they can compete in USA Boxing Sanctioned events. Boxing instills self-discipline, self-confidence, self-respect, drive, and a relentless pursuit of excellence in all you do. Here at United Boxing Academy we have integrated all these essential skills into our daily training program.

Training children is our special interest at United Boxing Academy. We believe it is never too early to start your child on the road to discipline and success. Our philosophy is one of prevention. Do not wait until they get into trouble – start investing in your child today. Building confidence in kids is our specialty. Through proper training and encouragement our students are given the tools they need to overcome the many challenges they face in the world today, such as bullying, obesity, and peer pressure. The core of our training is:

  • Self Esteem & Self Respect

  • Self Control & Self Discipline

  • Confidence & Courage

  • Motivation

  • Leadership Skills

  • Identifying and Achieving goals

  • Health, Fitness & Strength


Learning proper boxing fundamentals and techniques along with the above intangible aspects of boxing is a benefit for all of our students. It is these qualities that they will carry with them throughout their lives, helping pave their road to success.


Our 4 to 9 year olds will start training from day one. They are taught proper hand and head movement as well as basic combinations. At the younger ages we keep them engaged and involved without overwhelming them. We will adjust your child’s training to match their interest and ability.

10 to 12 year olds will be pushed a bit harder; however their training still has an emphasis on fun while learning. They will begin to learn proper boxing technique for punching, defending, stance, footwork, inherent movement, and speed and agility drills.


The 13 & over students are expected to be serious and train hard. All areas of boxing will be covered including, but not limited to: punching, defending, fight plan strategies, speed and agility drills, proper boxing stance – safeguards and vulnerabilities, proper use of training equipment, physical conditioning, mental awareness and sportsmanship.


All of our students are groomed to move into the competitive field if they choose.

The Studio
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Due to COVID-19 hours are subject to change



10:30 AM - 12:00PM


12125 DAY ST. SUITE T-103



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